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Rope-tensioning system

It features a complex of three towers.

Rope-tensioning system
Rope-tensioning system, Foto: Wolfgang Vogel

The system made sure the ropes of the rope-controlled vehicles were pre-tensioned the necessary way (1.5 t). Tensioning was achieved below the ground in channels (Tower 1 effecting on rails 1 and 6, Tower 2 on rails 2 and 5, Tower 3 on rails 3 and 4).

Deutsche Bahn AG stripping down these rails between 1995 and 1997, the above-mentioned channels were destroyed. As a consequence, our shunting system cannot be operated as when it was at its best.

However, our club members have restored the rope-tensioning system and the rope-controlled vehicles to a degree which allows the demonstration of how things once functioned.