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Signal garden

Signal garden,Photo: Dr. Andreas Kühnel

In order to give our visitors a glimpse into the diversity of the railway signals, a total of 46 railway signals and 2 road signals for railway transitions were set up along the former drainage mountain.

As well as road and sea transport, the railway uses different signs and signals to influence the flow of a train or to indicate certain situations on the route.

Already in the year 1875 it had become necessary to put in place a railway signal order (ESO). 1959, today's ESO has been rewritten and is constantly being updated.

The valid signal order book of DB AG currently comprises 15 signal groups and distinguishes signals, main signals, auxiliary signals, speed control signals, protective stop signals, shunting signals, turnout signals, signals for the train staff, signals for the Electrical traction, train signals, signals on vehicles, horde signals, secondary signals, signals at railway transitions and other signals.

Divided into these groups there are a total of 110 different signals with partially different signal images.